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Is the sign up bonus good for the UK market?

20 free bingo cards is the average bonus for a England based online bingo. Some sites give the bonus in pounds and other prefer to give free bingo cards so it can be a bit misleading. 888bingo bonus might increased with time to attract some more players, but sites like 888 bingo are not evaluated by the bonus amount but by the variety of games, amount of chat games, number of players in the rooms, and mainly the size of the jackpots, and when looking at the promise for one million pound games, we can see 888bingo.com is going to be a fabulous site like 888bingo.co.uk

* 888 is known as the number for luck in online gaming like in 888bingo, and though trivia is a skill game, you can still use all the luck you can get. If you are interested in online games for money which are not trivia, check our page

Trivia online sites - play the best multiplayer trivia games

Multiplayer Trivia lovers are delighted to have an opportunity to play against each other for cash and challenge their knowledge on games like the price is right online and deal or no deal game. Online multiplayer trivia is a brand new buzz word so let me explain that is the scoop in the skill games market. Playing  trivia online games for cash is as close to online poker. 2 or more players are competing against each other in general trivia or in a certain topic. The winner is winning cash and the business module of the trivia online is rake (just like poker). For example if 2 players compete in a game of trivia of $5 each, the trivia operator will charge 10% of the total which is $1. The winner will have a $9 balance and the loser will have zero. There are also special multiplayer trivia online jackpots to win progressive games versus other trivia players or versus the trivia operator just like BrainBall at 247 trivia. The player will be playing online trivia and if he/she wins X number of question he will be getting real cash from the operator. Every game for real money will add some money to the pot making it a real unique multiplayer trivia online game for cash. Another way is by winning multiplayer trivia game for real money is by competing against other trivia players on time limit game. For example 2 or more players trying to solve as many trivia questions as possible in 1 or 2 minutes time limits. The player who answered the most number of questions will be the multiplayer trivia online game winner and earn the cash of the other players. Questions can be on any topic such as sports, TV and cinema and even Harry Potter books.

How does it work: On most online trivia games, you can not use your free signup trivia bonus unless you already spent your real cash balance, they usually keep it separated for the obvious reasons. Another important separation is the questions database which is the most secret aspect of the multiplayer trivia online operator. The trivia software is remembering the trivia questions so that no question will be asked twice to make it as fair as possible. The online trivia operator has 2 sets of questions; one for the fun players and the other for the real players. The fun players questions database is limited and seldom updated. The online trivia real money questions database is updated on a daily basis and it is always fresh to avoid fraud or player cooperation, it's also kind of bonus to real money trivia players as getting high quality sets of trivia questions cost real money.

Check out a cool new trivia action trivia tournaments

First free roll trivia tournaments was scheduled since 3rd of July 2007, and it will be taken place every day since. Prize is a free ticket to the grand event every week at Saturday at 5 pm EST time.

The grand slam multiplayer trivia event is giving away $100 in total prizes every week!

Online trivia news

New movies will come with multiplayer trivia games

There are many online trivia games and directories about popular tv trivia game shows, like 1 vs 100 game online and trivial pursuit game online . Many of these trivia games still not exist as real game offered online, as usually only one company which have the copyrights on the game can allow it, but there are many games which are similar to the TV game shows. On some you can even play trivia for money but of course the prizes are significantly smaller than on TV. The weakest link online game is not ready yet, but if you can't wait, you can start looking for a gameshow auditions

Play the best multiplayer trivia online directory with free trivia online games for cash or fun to play online.

   Online trivia sites with multiplayer trivia games

  • TRIVIA MANIA has one of the best multiplayer trivia games experience : fully downloadable trivia site with 2 superb trivia games no other trivia site got.
  • 247 TRIVIA
    Simply the best trivia online game out there. Looking for a huge variety of multiplayer online trivia games to play for real money cash? - you got it at 247 Trivia online!

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